Terms and Conditions of your Annual Donation

  1. By making this donation you, the user, agrees to an annual donation of your choice.
  2. This donation will be taken from your PayPal account once a year, on the same day, starting the day you make your original donation.
  3. You may stop your annual donation at anytime by logging into your PayPal account. For full instructions please visit PayPal Subscriptions
  4. In receiving this donation, we the foundation agree to transfer these funds to our endowment fund with 30 days of receipt.
  5. Our endowment fund is a in perpetuities one.
  6. Should the EBYF Foundation ever cease operations it is guaranteed that these donations will remain in the endowment fund and the monies will be handled by another charity ensuring the return on the investment always comes to the Youth of the Elk Valley.