The Emily Brydon Youth Foundation provides financial support to youth in the Elk Valley to pursue their dreams in programs involving sports, education or the arts.

What we Believe

Youth are our future. The foundation believes strongly in supporting today’s youth in order to build a great platform for the future. We equally believe that everyone needs a chance – Emily sure did. You never know where that “chance” will take you.

Our Future

"Sports have been a best friend to me throughout my entire life because they are always there for me and I would love to gain another best friend in ski racing."
-Liam Mac;
in his application for our help to ski race.

12 days of Christmas Auction

We're live and getting ready for our wrap up event on December 12th

What it's all about...

The Emily Brydon Youth Foundation

We are a non-profit focused on creating opportunity and changing lives of the YOUTH of the Elk Valley


The Foundation relies on the generous support and donations of our community.


Find out more about what drives the foundation and what we are striving to achieve.


Are you under 18 living in the Elk Valley wanting to pursue a sport, hobby or other passion? Please apply today.

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